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How to Curate the Ear: Mastering the Eardrobe

How to Curate the Ear: Mastering the Eardrobe

Have you seen those perfectly curated ear pictures, that have stacks of hoops and studs? So have we... and we've got just the right styles for you to master what is called the "eardrobe". 


The eardrobe is a new term coined by jewelry designers and trendsetters alike. Of course it comes from the term wardrobe, but it's like a jewelry wardrobe for your ear. Collecting jewelry for ear curation is one of our perfected skills and the key to the eardrobe is jewelry collection, organization, and styling. 

The ideal way to organize your jewelry is in a jewelry box, case, or displayed on your dresser (we have some new products coming soon for this). Keep your eye out!

This trend of curating the ear with jewelry started years ago with adding new piercings in the lobe and up the ear. There are even piercers that specialize in it.


One can customize their look to express their personality through their jewelry and the curation of the ear.

To master the eardrobe start with a key piece. If you like to be bold in your style preferences we have just the right hoops for you. If you like to be softer and have more subtle style we recommend the flex thread earrings or the flex falling chain earrings for your first piercing (the one on your earlobe closest to your jaw). Depending on how many piercing you have you can add the small hoops in the next piercing and the huggie hoops with lab grown diamonds or the flex studs with lab grown diamonds after that. The key is to go from larger, more statement size pieces to smaller and more dainty as you climb up the ear. 

Additionally, we recommend sticking with one type of metal to create your collection. This allows you to more easily mix and match pieces. We offer our pieces in 14k gold vermeil and in sterling silver. Of course, our metals are recycled so you can be stylish and care for the environment simultaneously!

Anyway you curate the ear is up to you, but these tips are to guide you and keep you in the know! We're sure you will have masterfully perfected the curated ear in no time. Who knows, you could be the next jewelry trendsetter! Be sure to tag us @shopsiku on Instagram and use the hashtag #shopsiku so you can be featured on our account. We can't wait to see how you style your eardrobe!